women and girls in low- and middle-income countries experienced an unplanned pregnancy since you have been on this page.

For Her Future
Invest in Choice

For Her Future

For Her Future is a global campaign to increase access to contraception. Despite incredible progress, today nearly half (44%) of pregnancies worldwide are unplanned and an estimated 214 million women in low- and middle-income countries who want to avoid pregnancy still aren’t using a modern form of contraception. Every woman, no matter her circumstance, should be able to plan her family.

The Population Council and Pathfinder International, two leading international non-profit organizations, are uniting to raise awareness about this global challenge. Your investment in this collaborative campaign will help improve access to and the quality of family planning services, helping prevent unintended pregnancies, empowering women, couples and young people around the world to realize their own potential, and ensuring sound research informs practices and policies. Your investment in choice will improve the health and wellbeing of current and future generations.

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